The Extracellular Matrix

May 18, 2015 Zac Riggs

I would like to begin this discussion with an interesting observation published in Science 2003 by Mary Claire King, the lead researcher who discovered the BRCA 1 and 2 genetic mutations. The lifetime risk for being diagnosed with breast cancer among female BRCA mutation carriers is currently 82%. If a carrier was born before 1940, her risk for breast cancer was 24% by the age of 50. Contrast this to a carrier born after 1940, who was found to have a 67% risk of breast cancer by age 50.

How does traditional medicine, using the conventional cell mutation theory of breast cancer upon which chemotherapy is modeled after, explain why women with the exact same genetic mutation (1) have 1 in 4 chance of breast cancer being born before 1940 versus (2) a 2 out of 3 chance of contracting breast cancer being born after 1940? The answer to this question is the basis of the FEM Centre wellness program.

The cell is a rigid structure which has been designed by evolutionary forces to divide and survive. It is the glue which holds the cell (breast cells) in place that determines the potential for tumor formation (breast cancer).

If cells were not programmed to divide, then all of us would exist as primitive cell organisms in algae ponds. The key to higher biologic organization is controlling the cell and harnessing its biological drive in order to form specialized organs (examples such as heart, liver, brain, and breast) which then come together in the form a complex higher life form – the human being.

The extracellular matrix (which we have labeled ECM) is the biologic glue comprising almost 70% of your body’s mass. It functions to place growth restraints around each cell, preventing uncontrolled division. Cell nourishment, removal of waste products, electric signals, mechanical support, and chemical signals are some of the many functions supported by the ECM.

Your ultimate health and well being is determined by the stability of your extracellular matrix and not just the status of individual cells. Supporting a healthy matrix is the basis of our stabilization program, which includes the evaluation and proper balancing of hormones along with the assessment, correction, and support of your systems that detoxify and alkalinize.

Your most powerful medicine to accomplish ECM stabilization resides in the food you eat, followed by the water you drink, the air you breathe, and the clothes you wear, including all substances which contact the skin, and the stressors to which you are mentally subjected to.

Using this information, a future blog will expand upon how the extracellular matrix of the breast is influenced by the “sea of environmental estrogens” you swim in. This will help us understand the apparent cancer paradox posed in Dr. King’s article.

The famous Dr. Louis Pasteur was rumored to have uttered as his final words, “the cell is nothing; the matrix is everything.”